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Software to Simplify and Streamline Faculty Affairs

Comprehensive management of faculty data to automate the 87 steps it takes to hire, promote, evaluate or retain faculty

How Our Software Suite Helps Your Institution

Our Faculty Management System is a unique collection of tools which are integrated into your data institutional sources, easy to use, and amazingly configurable to meet your institution's needs. Let our expertise help you achieve your resolutions to have automated faculty event workflows, managed appointments and outcomes, better institutional reporting, and exceptional faculty web profiles.

Workflow Tracking

Appoint, Review, Promote and More! Streamline initial appointments, performance, retention and tenure events for all of your faculty – salaried, adjunct and volunteer alike.

Each workflow allows you to collect different documents and display different forms. Think outside the box and utilize this powerful workflow engine for other processes for amazing results. Learn more.

Faculty Appointment Center

Complete Faculty Data Management at your fingertips.

Our Appointment Center is the fully integrated one-stop place to see & manage everything you need to know about your faculty: Appointments, affiliations, research & scholarship, teaching, service and much, much more! Learn more.

Web Profiles

Build-in faculty web profiles are the perfect way to publicly showcase your faculty. Gone are the days of asking faculty for a list of recent publications. Use the validated information about your faculty to automatically populate faculty profiles. Learn more.

Faculty Finder

Finding collaborators, researchers, doctors and more. Brand our Faculty Finder to meet your specific search needs. Learn more.


Canned, custom, our suite of reports lets you slice and dice information in most any way. Now that you have all your data in one place and up to date, it’s quick and easy to pull your information all together. Learn more.

Ultimate Configurability

Working ourselves out of the implementation business. Learn more.

Full Integrations

We know we didn’t invent every idea, but we can certainly pull information from any system into one place. Learn more.

What are you waiting for? Our Faculty Management System is currently being used by thousands of faculty with more starting every day. We're confident that our products have established a new standard in the world of faculty affairs. Give us a call or use our contact form, you'll be so glad you did!