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Faculty Appointment Center

Easily manage faculty appointments.

In conjunction with a prominent medical college, we have developed a new administrative tool called the Appointment Center: the first SaaS application built specifically to aid your faculty affairs office in maintaining and reporting on faculty appointments, track and rank changes, tenure credit, leaves of absence, and promotion and tenure reviews and outcomes.

The Appointment Center is really the beginning of the faculty lifecycle where the university can see the data needed for the initial appointment and subsequent events that impact that appointment over time.

Additionally the Appointment Center is configurable to track other areas, including those unique to your medical school such as teaching activities, affiliations, education, specialties, administrative titles, and more.

While some of this is available in PeopleSoft and other ERP vendors (we know because we’ve had to modify them in the past to make them work for our university) we’re confident that the Appointment Center will become a vital tool because of its ease of use and configurability.

When tied into our new business intelligence reporting platform, a complete picture of your faculty is finally visible by allowing you to easily create and publish standard and ad-hoc reports, complete with many options for including charts and graphs.

Appointment Center Sample. Click for Larger View.