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Faculty Management Suite

  • Administratively manage faculty appointments, promotions, tenure progress, reappointments, annual performance reviews and virtually any other type of activity. Experience the power of having these automatically scheduled as future events based on your faculty handbook procedures.
  • When it’s time for reappointment the Appointment Center can automatically notify your faculty and initiate the appropriate workflow. Or, have everyone up for review be notified at the same time and have the workflow automatically kicked off.
  • Give your faculty a view of their data to manage a complete CV. Use our partnership with Scopus and PubMed to download publications and other information to drastically reduce the amount of data entry time.
  • Accurately maintain administrative titles and any other way of classifying groups of faculty.
  • Manage education activities by collecting and validating transcript. Add custom sections to collect everything from malpractice insurance policies to effort by mission percentage. Our configuration-based model really allows you to make the system your own.
  • Are you ready to have data from all of your separate university systems pulled into one place? Great! Bring the data you have and see how we can add to it. Whether it’s funding, teaching, or intellectual property data, we’ve done it all before. Our integrations can pull in data on your schedule. You decide if the data can be updated in our system, how frequently it’s refreshed and we’ll do the rest.